The Ahitimaam of our Akabireen for Zikr Jahri

Our Shaykh ul Hadith (rah) used to say, from our Akabireen two buzurgs are such that Allah rabul izzat gave them very high rank, but despite this throughout their whole life they never gave up on the zikr of Bara Tasbeeh. Until last breathe, [they] did Islahi zikr, from them is:

  • Imam Rabbani Hazrat Maulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi (rah)

and the other

  • Maulana Muhammad Ilyas (rah), Bani Jamat Tablighi.

[Taken from Deen Islam main Sulook wa Ihsaan ki Ahmiat – Maulana Abd al-Hafiz al-Makki ((rah))]

The meaning of fayz

The meaning of fayz is to come in effect and benefit from.

1) The most important and apparent fayz of shaikh, which is also a sign of awliya Allah shaikh e kamil, is that by seeing them one remembers Allah ta’ala. The rememberance of Allah ta’ala is the biggest benefit, as Allah Ta’ala has said

‘Wa La Zikrullah Al Akbar and Fazkuruni azkurkum’

In other words, the rememberance of Allah Ta’ala is the biggest thing and in this the person reaches level where Allah Ta’ala remembers His servant.

2) When sitting with them, the love of duniya is decreased. And the love of duniya is the root of all evils. Just like in Baihaqi, in Shuab al imaan, it is reported from Hadhrat Hasan (radh) that:

‘hubbu dunya ra’asa kulli khatee’a’

3) The love of Allah Ta’ala and the hereafter is increased, these are the things which makes Imaan and Taqwa complete. And excellence in these two things is the name of wilayat.

The evidence of these three effects is the experience itself. Experience this yourself by sitting [with the shaikh] daily for two to four days. Then compare the kayfiat of sitting in silent majlis of shaikh and your home environment. If there is no effect then, then no doubt do not sit because these effects is the awaleen sign and condition of shaikh e kamil.

A group of religious and truthful people say that we take with us many iskalaat [issues] and wasawais in the majlis of our shaykh, and there [in the majlis] without questioning our questions get answered, and the wasawais get away. There is peace and tranquility in the majlis.

Without doubt, every normal person feels this benefit, with a condition being that the person has munasbat, and has no objections with the shaykh. [The normal person] feels benefit in zikr and shughal, but the ahle nisbat gets the most benefit which is more than the normal person.

[Taken from Fayz e Shaykh – Hazrat Sufi Iqbal Muhajir Madani ((rah))]


Maulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi (rah) and a foreign student

During the period when Maulana Gangohi ((rah)) was studying under Maulana Kareem Baksh ((rah)), a foreign student arrived there with the claim that no one could teach him. The ustad did not like this boastful attitude and instructed Maulana Gangohi ((rah)) to go and teach him and also said:

‘Remember, if I see you being beaten, I will cut your head off.’

Maulana took the kitaab under his arm and went to that student. After some conversation he opened the book and a debate ensued. At the end the foreign was astonished and said:

‘Please teach me the whole book all over again.’

Thereupon Moulana Gangohi ((rah)) closed the book and replied:

‘It was not my aim to come and teach you. I only wanted to bring you down to earth. You were under the impression that none of the Ulama could teach you anything. Now I have shown you that one of the lowest of their students is able to defeat you’

[Taken from Aap Beti – Shaykh ul Hadith Hazrat Maulana Zakariya Khandalvi ((rah))]